In any transaction involving important oil, gas or mineral rights, important financial interests are at stake. If you are a party to a transaction and are in dispute with the other side, an experienced lawyer can resolve issues expeditiously and leave you in a position of strength.

I am Montana attorney Gregory Paul Johnson, also licensed in North Dakota, and in my more than 35 years of experience as a lawyer, I have represented many clients in the oil, gas and mineral industries. Both companies and landowners have benefited from my familiarity with complex issues in these areas of the law, my attention to detail and commitment to resolving cases as quickly as possible. 

My experience includes years spent as chief counsel for Palmer Oil & Gas Company; I have argued cases at the trial and appellate levels, including before the Montana Supreme Court. 

Comprehensive Litigation Services

My firm represents clients who encounter a broad range of legal issues pertaining to oil and gas drilling. I have represented:

  • Oil and gas companies in dispute with other companies
  • Oil and gas companies against landowners
  • Landowners challenging other landowners, and those seeking release of lands not held by production 

Contact My Firm

For experienced and personalized legal counsel, contact me, oil and gas litigation attorney Gregory Paul Johnson, for a free one-hour confidential consultation. Call my Billings office at (406) 656-4555, or send me an email.